(secure)SiteHoster : v1.0 beta RC2 and added to GitHub


added it to GitHub (along-with entire Eclipse Workspace)

Repo at http://github.com/abhishekkr/sitehoster

#git clone git://github.com/abhishekkr/sitehoster.git

I’ve updated to version 1.0 beta RC2

here, Web-Developers will be able to add <SCRIPT/> to <BODY/> still using XSS Patch, as this requires them to feed the <SCRIPT/> for <BODY/> to <HEAD/> using the DEFER keyword as suggested by Microsoft IE for browser side usage, but the difference is here ‘SiteHoster’ will itself feed it to active region of <BODY/>

Eg. a page content like
<script DEFER>alert(‘body’);</script></head>

will be converted to a content below and send to browser
x[0].innerHTML =”test”;
<script DEFER>alert(‘body’);</script></BODY></BD></html>


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