[techiebond] OpenLeaks whistles gets ‘Left’ || Oracle’s 7 Deeds As Sun

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OpenLeaks whistles… when ‘Right’ to Information gets ‘Left’ behind… does it?

another Whistleblower… but not similar another portal like Wikileaks.
Is it GooD_or_BaD, good to have but doubt its effectiveness.
It is there to fill the gaps left behind by Wikileaks and not to…..
[1.] OpenLeaks does promise…..
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Oracle’s 7 recent deeds as Sun… and what ‘It feels like’

here are 7 recent & yet-to-come needs and deeds by Oracle via Sun… and how it felt being a Java lover from OpenSource community
Oracle’s 7 Deeds As Sun :: without any priority order ::
[1.] Developer Day Workshops…..
[2.] Several User Group Leaders Summit 2011 Report…..
[3.] Java SE and Java for Business Support RoadMap…..
[4.] Hudson’s Bright Future…..
[5.] Java ME enables Facebook to run on billions of phones…..
[6.] Looking Ahead to Java SE 7 & 8 : discussion with Oracle’s Java Language Architect…..
[7.] JDK7 is feature complete…..
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