[political hack] Quota Agitation or Mutated Black Marketing

Entire theory discussed below is fictional and has no living longing to be dead proof available for it… and neither do I care to prove it.This is entirely how my mind decode such situations, must be fictional-media effect.

:: What it could have been? ::

CONSPIRACY THEORY as almost every Political Action is.
Wait, wait… now don’t tell me Politics aint that bad or it was a communal action and not political.
Think over, you don’t believe it either.

:: so WHAT? could have been the conspiracy ::

Yup, you read it right… it’s Black Marketing that was a full flown outcome of this entire stunt.
And it was ‘Mutated’ as this is not traditional old-school pattern for black marketing resource owners, but it is an empowerment only privileged to public empowered leaders.

:: and PROBABLE! theory behind it ::

I didn’t know of this situation until I reached back my home.
And what I learned was on 17/March/2011 Northern India Train Services were disrupted for ‘yet another day’ on the topic of demanding quota for a community.
I don’t have any know-how on the topic of legitimacy of quota demand, that might have been entirely legal.
But the method used was more misused by unrelated corporate agencies than used for raising voice for related deprived communities.
I also learned that agitating mass, who have been squatting on several rail lines for the past two weeks (w.r.t. 17/March/2011) would not block any new rail route till 20/March/2011.
This would take till 18/March/2011 to let few trains go on-tracks for over-flooded subsitutional transportation.

[[Reported Damage To Public Related Government Assets]]
On Thursday, 56 trains were cancelled, 29 short-terminated and 15 diverted. The Kafurpur blockade has affected trains plying between Delhi to Uttrakhand, UP, Bihar, Northeast and West Bengal.
According to railway sources, around 654 trains have been cancelled between March 5 and 17, around 231 short-terminated and route of 401 diverted. Over 7.47 lakh passengers have cancelled their tickets in the past 13 days.
The Railways has refunded over Rs 5.07 lakh to passengers.While Lucknow Division alone is said to be losing between Rs 2 to 3 lakh per day, railway officials disclosed that the average daily loss is Rs one crore because the movement of good trains has been hit badly.

The sky-high prices on hell-raiser services of Air Flights and Bus Transportation.
Lakhs of people needed to reach their destination… it was a festive season, there were business appointments and health issues.
And so people saw their general flight and bus ticket charges rising upto 5 times and some times even more.

Yes, Government lost millions on the issue… but it’s not Government that I blame to monetize the situation.

Reference Links on Incidence if you don’t know a thing about it:


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