[just.few.tuts] TechXpress Guide ~ Secure SNMP Monitoring AND Nagios IT Monitoring

justfewtuts.blogspot.com [05/May/2011]



SNMP for Secure Remote Resource Monitoring ~ TechXpress Guide
It’s an Express Guide to “Basic & Secure Setup of SNMP with purpose of Remote Resource Monitoring” ~~~~~ described here with a use-case of setting it up for monitoring availability of Network Connection on a remote machine and Trap notification in case the link goes down ~~~~~ for both Linux & Windows platforms

…click here to read more



Nagios for IT Infrastructure Monitoring ~ TechXpress Guide
::Task Detail::
 Setting up Nagios machine on a LAN to monitor resources and services
 Generating an e-mail notifications if any of them goes down

…..click here to read in detail



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