[takwalk] gherkin native install error AND memory leak in cucumber with HeapOutOfMemory

@ tekwalk.blogspot.com [19/6/2011]


[dev-ruby] ‘gherkin’ need a native install AND I ported entire jruby dir

….. still a ‘gherkin’ error was there. Running ‘gem list’ showed that now I had two versions of gherkin installed…..


…..click here to read in detail



@ tekwalk.blogspot.com [19/6/2011]


[dev-ruby] “JRubyOnRails Blames ActiveRecord” *ing: culprit Cucumber, inspector JConsole

…..After starting Rails Server and waiting for some non-specific time, an exception started arising mentioning ActiveRecord and an Heap OutOfMemory Exception …..

…..click here to read in detail


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