[hackersmag] User Authentication @GAE; Hacking Philosophy AND WebHoudini un-short URLs for safety

@ hackersmag.blogspot.com [30/June/2011]


User Authentication & Authorization [AT] Google AppEngine

…..It was all working fine & secured until I added some static-content using static_dirand tried securing it’s url using the same tactic.
But, there was a thing about ‘static_dir’ which I investigated after my supposed-to-be secure static_dir’s content was all publicly available if someone could……

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@ hackersmag.blogspot.com [/July/2011]


[Eden Guide to Hacking] ‘Hacking Philosophy’ ~ from Rig Veda and Sun Tzu’s Art of War

This is a part of “Eden Guide to Hacking” which is my writing attempt for a quick to read, broadway guide to HACKING ~ for anyone to have grasp of important concepts and skills which makes up the knowledge base of a hacker.
W.I.P. @ https://github.com/abhishekkr/eden_guide_to_hacking/

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@ hackersmag.blogspot.com [11/August/2011]


howto check for safety of Shorten URLs before opening them in your browsers

…..[] from your shell
$ curl –head -L http://short.en/url | grep Location:
so, place the short url to be checked in place of …..
…..[] from the web-app
Link: http://webhoudini.appspot.com/
At this portal paste in the link in Short URL…..

…..click here to read in detail



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