[tekwalk] console and json

tekwalk.blogspot.com [12/Apr/2013]


recently Alan posted a very nice aticle around prettifying json, reminded me of <this draft>… he posted 2 out of 3 utilities I was gonna mention… so here is 3rd and the shell profile way to use first 2

$ sudo wget -c -O /etc/profile.d/a.json.sh https://raw.github.com/abhishekkr/tux-svc-mux/master/shell_profile/a.json.sh

it contains 2 functions available at shell

# usage example:
# $ json_me ‘echo {“a”: 1, “b”: 2}’
# $ json_me ‘curl;
bash -c $@ | python -mjson.tool

# requirement: $ pip install pjson
# usage example:
# $ pjson_me ‘echo {“a”: 1, “b”: 2}’
# $ pjson_me ‘curl;
bash -c $@ | pjson

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