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[tekwalk] Apache httpd VirtualHosts : one gets default, unknown faults

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Recently faced a situation where even after removing a VirtualHost, its ServerName was giving HTTP 200 response. It was all because of missed RTFM agenda.

When VirtualHosts get applied in Apache HTTPD server configuration, the first definition encountered by Apache Controller gets selected as the default route logic selected if the ServerName doesn’t match any provided.

example scripts at

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[tekwalk] Ruby/Rails utilizing Solr in Master/Slave setup

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@ [16-November-2011]

Apache Solr is a high-performance enterprise grade search server being interacted with a REST-like API, documents are provided to as xml, json or binary. It extendsLucene search library.

Ruby/Rails communicates with this awesome search server using Sunspot (sunspot, sunspot_rails gem) library, to do a full-text search. Nice tutorial to use Solr in your Rails project using Sunspot.

Solr can perform as a standalone search server and even as master/slave instances collaborating with each other, with slaves polling master to sync-in their data.

Solr instances can be configured like Slave and as a Master.
Configuration file ‘solrconfig.xml’ needs to be edited with a new RequestHandler for Replication configured: 

{for Slave} :: to either poll at their Master’s machine address at regular intervals

{for Master} :: or…..

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