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[hackersmag] facebook blocks spam URLs, but there method looks useless

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to bypass such a system is real real easy… just get a link redirected from any in the batch of URL Shorteners, Page Translaters, Proxy or….. Simple get up a new machine on cloud and get it to bounce the URL back to desired URL.

Even if FB’s awesome team succeeds in blacklisting in ever growing services of proxy and url-shorteners.
This technique of theirs wouldn’t be able to catch your newly specially launched service before you a some decent response time.

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[hackersmag] How I got “2 Time Life-Time Banned” From Google Adsense

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@ [25/May/2011]

How I got “2 Time Life-Time Banned” From Google Adsense

A Life-Time Ban from Google Adsense
I kin’of registered for Google Adsense service on my portal…….
…….I’ve been banned for life-time from Google’s AdSense service.
‘Second Life’ in Google AdSense
I signed-up for a new e-mail address and tried registering with a new mailing address, and there it was…….
…….and don’t wanna Third Play, may be when I get bored again.

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[hackersmag] Indian Airport Internet – Hacking Policies Not Machines

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Indian Airport Internet – Hacking Policies Not Machines

The Service Acts in following way:
Step.1: You’ll get an Open WiFi Network…..

Loopholes in Service Scheme:
[] Continuous Access For Longer Duration…..
[] Parallel Access For Same Credential Set…..

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