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[just.few.tuts] Beginner’s Guide to OpenStack : Basics of Nova #Part.2

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parts of Beginner’s Guide to OpenStack to read before this ~
Part1: Basics

[Part.2 Basics of Nova] Beginner’s Guide to OpenStack

# Nova?
It’s the main fabric controller for IaaS providing Cloud Computing Service by OpenStack. Took its first baby steps in NASA. Contributed to OpenSource and became most important component of OpenStack.
It built of multiple components performing…..

# Components?
Nova stores states of virtual machines in a central database. It’s optimal for…..

# API Style
Interface is mostly RESTful. Routes (python re-implementation of Rails route system) packagesmaps URIs to…..

# Threading Model
Uses Green Thread implementation by design using eventlet and greenlet libraries. This results into single process thread for O.S. with it’s blocking I/O issues. Though…..

# Filtering Scheduler
In short it’s the mechanism used by ‘nova-scheduler’ to choose the worthy nova-compute host for new required virtual machine to be spawned upon. It prepare…..

# Message Queue Usage
Nova components use RPC to communicate each other via Message Broker using PubSub. Nova implements (request/response, API acts as consumer) and rpc.cast (one way, API acts as publisher)…..


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[just.few.tuts] Beginner’s Guide to OpenStack : Basics #Part.1

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OpenStack ( is an OpenSource cloud computing platform that can be used to build up a Public and Private cloud. As in weaving of various technological components to provide a capability to…..

# Quick Hands-On
DevStack ( gives you the easiest fastest way to get all OpenStack components installed,…..

# Components?

OpenStack Cloud Platform constitutes of mainly following components:

Message Queue Service is used by most of the OpenStack Compute services to communicate with each other using AMQP (Advanced Message Queue Protocol) supporting async calls and callbacks.

# Weaving of Components

asciigram: openstack ~ evolution mode, how varied components are connected

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[just.few.tuts] DevOps AND 12FactorApp ~ some obsolete & much valid

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Actually what 12FactorApp is… it is a good set of ideas around basic set of concerns. The concerns are right, the solutions suggested are situational and the situation is the default/basic setup. With the teams following good DevOps-y practices, they don’t turn out to be exactly same.


What @12FactorApp doesn’t suit at all for DevOps-y Solutions

  1. ~
  2. Dependencies
    [+] Obsolete: ‘If the app needs to shell out to a system tool, that tool should be vendored into the app.’
    Changed-to: Make your automation configuration management system handle it.


Cumulative Correct Concerns 3C@12FactorApp and DevOps-y Solutions

Overall aiming to achieve a easy-to-setup, clean-to-configure, quick-to-scaleand smooth-to-update software development ambiance.
The 12 Concerns+Solutions:

  1. Problem: Maintaining Application Source Code
     Using Version Control Mechanism, if possible Distributed VCS like git. Private hosted (at least private account) code repository.
    b. Unique application


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[hackersmag] DevOps & SecureOps

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@ [29-August-2011]

This presentation just mentions the security considerations related to all these 3 DevOps processes

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[techiebond] Open Virtualization Alliance ~ noble cause, don’t know about motive

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@ [20/May/2011]

Open Virtualization Alliance ~
{ (Intel+IBM+HP+RedHat+Novell+BMC+Eucalyptus)>VMWare? OpenVirtualizationAlliance:VMWareAppliances }
Open Virtualization Alliance has been setup by IBM, Intel, RedHat, & HP…..

noble cause,
their projected motives are
> increase awareness about KVM as an…..

don’t know about motive
They are trying to catch-up VMWare…..

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