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[tekwalk] Fabric (py orchestration util) issue with my FreeBSD node, and Easy Fix

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The way Fabric works is whatever you ask it to “run(<cmd>)” over remote nodes, it runs that command by passing it to ” bash -l -c ‘<cmd>’ “.
Now as the issue was with my FreeBSD machine is it didn’t had “bash” in the first place. So, it was failing.
It can be fixed in 2 ways
First way,
add a line like following to make Fabric use the SHELL present on the remote node, as FreeBSD node had ‘C Shell’… so = ‘/bin/csh -c’

Second way,
install ‘bash’ on the remote nodes and make sure it’s reachable via path “/bin/bash”

pkg_add -r bash

ln -sf /usr/local/bin/bash /bin/bash

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[tek.walk] Varnish sometimes fails but doesn’t tell

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… round-robin” configuration. It was creating names that way to avoid name collision for same service running on different nodes load-balanced by Varnish-Cache.

We checked for the configuration correctness

varnishd -C -f /my/varnish/config/file

It passed.

We started the Varnish service

/etc/init.d/varnish start

It started.

We tried accessing the services via Varnish.

It failed saying there no http service running at Varnish machine:port.

So, the length of backend name there does effect but the VCL gives no error when starting Varnish-Cache.

BTW, from the checks performed… the maximum character backend name working for the configuration was 44 Character long.

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[tekwalk] is ‘Splunk’ eating up your disk space

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you can keep a check over that by lowering down its upper-limit over database indices size from several 100s 0f 1000s MBs ((default maxTotalDataSizeMB per index is 500Gigabytes)) to the desired/affordable Size in MBs.

File: /var/ebs/splunk/etc/system/local/indexes.conf

maxTotalDataSizeMB = 3000

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