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[tek.walk] Varnish sometimes fails but doesn’t tell

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… round-robin” configuration. It was creating names that way to avoid name collision for same service running on different nodes load-balanced by Varnish-Cache.

We checked for the configuration correctness

varnishd -C -f /my/varnish/config/file

It passed.

We started the Varnish service

/etc/init.d/varnish start

It started.

We tried accessing the services via Varnish.

It failed saying there no http service running at Varnish machine:port.

So, the length of backend name there does effect but the VCL gives no error when starting Varnish-Cache.

BTW, from the checks performed… the maximum character backend name working for the configuration was 44 Character long.

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[hackersmag] Indian Airport Internet – Hacking Policies Not Machines

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Indian Airport Internet – Hacking Policies Not Machines

The Service Acts in following way:
Step.1: You’ll get an Open WiFi Network…..

Loopholes in Service Scheme:
[] Continuous Access For Longer Duration…..
[] Parallel Access For Same Credential Set…..

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[] GitHub’s “purely artificial and poorly intelligent” A.I.

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@ [20/Dec/2010]

encounter with GitHub’s A.I. which is “purely artificial and poorly intelligent”

Recently, I had an interesting encounter with GitHub’s A.I. which was purely artificial and poorly intelligent.
I have a repo at ‘‘; it’s an experimental web-server developed in ‘Java’ but it has been marked as ‘Javascript’.

Now I’m a bit hard at things which don’t work to their potential… but I don’t think their is anything wrong in it.

So yeah there is an ‘Artificially Poorly Inferenced Logic‘ implemented in so advanced GitHub
which could have been ‘Smartly Easily Granted Control‘ to not so artificially intelligent Users…

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