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[tux-install] yum-my ~ get your public yum-repo rolling on Google AppEngine

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Wanna get your public yum repository rolling,

Get started by cloning boilerplate code…

$ git clone

$ cd gae-flat-web
$ mkdir -p yummy/<distro><releasever>/<basearch>

$ cp <all_my_rpms_of__distro_releasever_basearch> yummy/<distro><releasever>/<basearch>

$ createrepo yummy/<distro><releasever>/<basearch>/

now, place a file ‘flat_web/yum-my-el6<or-whichever>.repo’ with content


and can link this file on your ‘flat_web/index.htm’ homepage to host: $ google_appengine/ update <yum-my_path>

have a look at my repo code @

For demo, here is the one I’m hosting

…source blogpost here

[just.few.tuts] how to host your public YUM (or any) repo on GoogleAppEngine

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came up with is:
it’s nothing fascinating but just a re-mixed usage of project created from gae-flat-web.
you can access base skeleton of this re-mixed gae-yum-my (the easy way to host your yum repo online) at which also has rpm served for gae-flat-web.
now to see how you could get one too~

First Task, register a new portal


… here to read full post

[just.few.tuts] Get Set Go Lang ~ part#1

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What Is Go Lang?
(in case you just came here while curious web surfing)

Go is an OpenSource programming platform developed by Google (andcontributors) to be expressive and efficient at the same point.
It’s distributed under BSD-style License
It’s a concurrency favoring, statically typed, compiler-based language. Though it declares to be giving ease like dynamically typed interpreted code.

On your mark, Get Set GO
(getting started with the quick boost usage)

To directly start playing with Go Lang, visit,
where you can directly type/paste in your go-lang code in an online editor and run to get output.


Rewind before the Start Line and take your First Leap
(first useful step to starting use of Go Lang)

[] quickie at variables and constants, a look at GO’s declaration style…..

[] mobilizing functions…..
[] some function parameters style, the pow above is same as…..
[] function returning multiple values…..

[] more to go….. in more to come_________________________Shops to Go
(other fine links to Go, until next part of this tutorial comes)…..

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[tux.install] set of yum repos for CentOS

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I thought I’d better share my YUM REPOS list to ease most of the package availability via yum on CentOS or similar instances.
I’ve remove yum-priority config as that depends per person and I don’t wanna influence that.

name=CentOS-$releasever – Base
name=CentOS-$releasever – Updates

name=Fedora Core $releasever – $basearch – ATrpms

… here to read full original postg and get all repos

[hackersmag] User Authentication @GAE; Hacking Philosophy AND WebHoudini un-short URLs for safety

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@ [30/June/2011]

User Authentication & Authorization [AT] Google AppEngine

…..It was all working fine & secured until I added some static-content using static_dirand tried securing it’s url using the same tactic.
But, there was a thing about ‘static_dir’ which I investigated after my supposed-to-be secure static_dir’s content was all publicly available if someone could……

… here to read in detail


@ [/July/2011]

[Eden Guide to Hacking] ‘Hacking Philosophy’ ~ from Rig Veda and Sun Tzu’s Art of War

This is a part of “Eden Guide to Hacking” which is my writing attempt for a quick to read, broadway guide to HACKING ~ for anyone to have grasp of important concepts and skills which makes up the knowledge base of a hacker.
W.I.P. @

… here to read in detail


@ [11/August/2011]

howto check for safety of Shorten URLs before opening them in your browsers

…..[] from your shell
$ curl –head -L http://short.en/url | grep Location:
so, place the short url to be checked in place of …..
…..[] from the web-app
At this portal paste in the link in Short URL…..

… here to read in detail


[techiebond] I smell 3G ~ Gosling, Google & Go

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@ [30/May/2011]

I smell 3G ~ Gosling, Google & Go
Java’s Daddy, James Gosling after a long break… joined Google some time back.
March’28 2011 : officially joined Google
Suddenly, I come to hear a new spirit & raged promotion for…….

… here to read in detail

[hackersmag] How I got “2 Time Life-Time Banned” From Google Adsense

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@ [25/May/2011]

How I got “2 Time Life-Time Banned” From Google Adsense

A Life-Time Ban from Google Adsense
I kin’of registered for Google Adsense service on my portal…….
…….I’ve been banned for life-time from Google’s AdSense service.
‘Second Life’ in Google AdSense
I signed-up for a new e-mail address and tried registering with a new mailing address, and there it was…….
…….and don’t wanna Third Play, may be when I get bored again.

… here to read in detail