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[hackersmag] HTTP Referer Spoofing, don’t get confused, don’t worry, Block or Avoid

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HTTP Referer?
It’s an optional HTTP Request Header which can be set to URI to inform the WebServer the source URI which led the client to current URI.

Analytics Benefit:
It’s useful for Web content publishers for analysis sake as per which are the web portals that are attractive more visitors to that URI.

Security Benefit:
It has also been seen to be used as an extra layer of check by WebApps to confirm if the requested URI has been accessed via proper channels and respond accordingly.

HTTP Referer Spoofing ?

As other popular spoofing attack this doesn’t involve attacker trying to hide their identity.


Threat ?
There are potential 2 types of threats which arise from it:
Solution ?
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[tekwalk] Apache httpd VirtualHosts : one gets default, unknown faults

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Recently faced a situation where even after removing a VirtualHost, its ServerName was giving HTTP 200 response. It was all because of missed RTFM agenda.

When VirtualHosts get applied in Apache HTTPD server configuration, the first definition encountered by Apache Controller gets selected as the default route logic selected if the ServerName doesn’t match any provided.

example scripts at

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[just.few.tuts] http_voodoo_mongo ~ Remote Control MongoDB over HTTP

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@ [20-October-2011]

usage: it’s a remote controller for your local/remote MongoDB instances working over an HTTP mocking service
What it consists of?

… here to read in detail

[hackersmag] Don’t SSL-ify full site until SSL is itself Secure

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Full Site SSL-ification is not an option, need to make SSL secure first

I have  heard (Recently and in past) security aware lives wasting a lot of their potential over the argument like
+ ‘Basic HTTP is insecure‘ {sometimes in novice past}
+ ‘SSL-ify entire web service‘ {still a lot push is there}
Now, ‘Basic HTTP’ being insecure is not a flaw by design… but a flaw by choice.

Though it has been haunting the websites by attacks like
+[] SSL Stripping:
It’s due to……….
+[] Sidejacking:
It occurs……….
Then, ‘Full Site SSL-ification’ is a good choice from theoretical security point-of-view, but just in theory.
Different SSL-Defeating attacks involving
+[] Flaws in Libraries like NSS:
There was a……….
+[] Fake SSL Certificate generation:
Not a flaw……….
So, if you will look deeper into serial-murder case file of   SSL Certificates, you’ll see it ain’t safe…
and so there is no point in argument over its mixed/full   implementation.
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[] run PYTHON as a HTTP server

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@ [5/July/2010]

below are the blog post links on how to utilize installed PYTHON on your machine to run a Simple OR CGI-Supported HTTP Server on your machine…

that too without any scripting directly run PYTHON as a server


is Python installed, you already have Simple HTTP Server
if you need any simple plain web-server on your machine to
server files (html or else) …click here to read full BlogPost


want HTTP Server with CGI Support, just need PYTHON without any scripts
so to have CGI supported HTTP server, just by using PYTHON,
you need to follow below steps …click here to read full BlogPost