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[tekwalk] when chef’s changes can be re-edited but un-available to Search

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ate a weird meal last evening, chef was angry I think…..

When I created an AWS instance in same way (by swiss-‘knife ec2 server create…’toolset) using same old boot-up script to get that insance auto-configured as chef-client; instance got created and was visible in the instance list  but not available to my recipes trying to search for it using its applied role and other tags.

The same procedure has worked successfully for all previous time, and with no change it suddenly started failing.

logged-in to the freshly created instance and exec ‘chef-client –once‘ again, it had asuccessful run but still the…..

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[just.few.tuts] TechXpress Guide ~ Cacti for IT Monitoring & Graphing

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@ [25/May/2011]

Cacti for IT infrastructure monitoring & graphing ~ TechXpress Guide

.::Task Details::.
[] Setting up Cacti for IT Infrastructure Service Graphing solution

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[just.few.tuts] TechXpress Guide ~ Secure SNMP Monitoring AND Nagios IT Monitoring

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SNMP for Secure Remote Resource Monitoring ~ TechXpress Guide
It’s an Express Guide to “Basic & Secure Setup of SNMP with purpose of Remote Resource Monitoring” ~~~~~ described here with a use-case of setting it up for monitoring availability of Network Connection on a remote machine and Trap notification in case the link goes down ~~~~~ for both Linux & Windows platforms

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Nagios for IT Infrastructure Monitoring ~ TechXpress Guide
::Task Detail::
 Setting up Nagios machine on a LAN to monitor resources and services
 Generating an e-mail notifications if any of them goes down

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