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[just.few.tuts] MessQ : message queue for quickly trying any idea

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Past some time while trying up some set-up based on Message Queue at infrastructure… needed a quick to set-up, localhost friendly, network available Message Queue service to try out ideas.
So here is Mess(age)Q(ueue). Something quickly thrown together. Would work later to get it more performance oriented, good to go with smaller projects.


A Quick Tryout

[+] Install
$ gem install messQ –no-ri –no-rdoc
[+] Start Server (starts at on port#5566)

$ messQ –start
[+] Enqueue user-id & home value to the Queue
$ messQ -enq $USER
$ messQ –enqueue $HOME

[+] Dequeue 2 values from Queue

$ messQ -deq
$ messq –dequeue
[+] Stop Server
$ messQ –stop

Via Code….

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[justfewtuts] messQ ~ just a fun little project providing socket-based Queue service

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messQ is a small project started to implement and improve in the areas of message queue mechanisms.

What it does currently? Just a Network Service to be connect and enqueue/dequeue messages.

What it requires? Ruby, terminal and your fingers 🙂

Git it:           $ git clone git://

Start messQ server:       $ ruby messQ.rb
This starts a message queue server at  port 8888.

Enque new message:
Open a connection at port 8888, then say “enq MESSAGE_TO_BE_QUEUED“.

Deque oldest message:
Open a connection at port 8888, then say “deq“. It returns the dequed message.

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