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[justfewtuts] Basics of Powershell ~ empowering Windows Config/Admin Automation

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Basics  of  MS Windows Powershell

A dotNet framework based scripting language to automate the configuration/administration of Microsoft Windows machine.
Powershell is loaded with several cmdlets (special command-lets) acting as a built-in shell utilities to perform different tasks on Windows machine for performing administrative tasks.

Getting Started
Powershell’s cmdlets act upon and return objects as a result of any action taken.
These can be used in combination with traditional Windows services like Registry, Net and more.

To try your hands over powershell, access it at ‘Start Menu’ > ‘Accessories’ > ‘Windows Powershell’;
there you’ll get mainly a shell from ‘Powershell’, and an interactive IDE-like shell‘Powershell ISE’.

Using powershell, cmdlets are the main power-source of this Powershell which are discussed briefly below…..

to get a quick /Hello World/ feel of Powershell, you could try on few next steps
* emulating a …..

 [+] to have a Powershell script, check for a system service….. start it if stopped

  $svc_name = “aspnet_state
  $svc_status = Get-Service | Where {$ -eq $svc_name} | %{ $_.status }
if (-not $svc_status) {
     Write-Host “Error: $svc_name not found”
  elseif ($svc_status -eq “running”){
     Write-Host “status ok $svc_name”
  } else {
     Start-Service $svc_name

  [+] Now …..

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[] Zozzle (Microsoft’s Javascript-Malware Analysis Tool)

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Zozzle (Microsoft’s Javascript-Malware Analysis Tool)

in a sentence Zozzle is a static web-page analyzer for detecting ‘Heap-Spray Exploits’

[ 3-Things It Is ]

+ a product of

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[] Microsoft Network Monitor

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@ [23/June/2010]

Microsoft Network Monitor {its free, it’s efficient}
Microsoft Network Monitor
Usage Video:

Brief Description:
One of the best network analysis utilities on Windows.
You can choose any Physical/Virtual NIC present on …click here to read fullBlogPost

IE 9 [they say its good… they say it again]

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I came I saw But my Install failed 😉