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[just.few.tuts] Testing Chaos with Automated Configuration Management solutions

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…..That’s the shift. The logic developed for Infrastructure acts as a glue to all other applications created in house and 3rd party. Here in Infrastructure feature development there is more to test for the effect it has on the it’s users (software/hardware) and less on internal changes (dependencies and dynamic content). Now the stuff in parentheses here means a lot more than seems… let’s get into detail of it.

Real usability of Testing is based on keeping sanctity of WHAT needs to be tested WHERE.

Software/Hardware services that collaborate with the help of Automated Infrastructure logic needs major focus of testing. These services can be varying from the
  • in-house ‘Product’, that is the central component you are developing
  • 3rd Party services it collaborates with,
  • external services it utilizes for what it doesn’t host,
  • operating system that it supports and Ops-knows what not.
Internal changes mainly revolve around
  • Resources/Dependencies getting called in right order and grouped for specific state.
  • It also relates to correct generation/purging of dynamic content, that content can itself range as
    • non-corrupt configuration files generated of a template
    • format of sent configuration data from one Infra-component to another for reflected changes
    • dynamically creating/destroying service instances in case of auto-scalable infrastructure

One can decide HOW, on ease and efficiency basis.

Unit Tests work for the major portion of ‘Internal Changes’ mentioned before usingchefspecrspec-chefrspec-puppet like libraries are good enough. They can very well test the dependency order and grouping management…..

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[just.few.tuts] TechXpress Guide ~ Cacti for IT Monitoring & Graphing

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@ [25/May/2011]

Cacti for IT infrastructure monitoring & graphing ~ TechXpress Guide

.::Task Details::.
[] Setting up Cacti for IT Infrastructure Service Graphing solution

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[just.few.tuts] TechXpress Guide ~ Secure SNMP Monitoring AND Nagios IT Monitoring

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SNMP for Secure Remote Resource Monitoring ~ TechXpress Guide
It’s an Express Guide to “Basic & Secure Setup of SNMP with purpose of Remote Resource Monitoring” ~~~~~ described here with a use-case of setting it up for monitoring availability of Network Connection on a remote machine and Trap notification in case the link goes down ~~~~~ for both Linux & Windows platforms

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Nagios for IT Infrastructure Monitoring ~ TechXpress Guide
::Task Detail::
 Setting up Nagios machine on a LAN to monitor resources and services
 Generating an e-mail notifications if any of them goes down

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