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[a.Bionic] No Time-Consuming Visionary Optimizations In BEGiN.N.iN.G

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No Time-Consuming Visionary Optimizations In BEGiN.N.iN.G

Don’t misunderstand me, let me make myself clear… I’m so in favor of optimized code and mostly (un)/intentionally break/fuse/remix design principles for optimized code structure.
Maximum %age of developers follow the standard principles and popular practices as a template for all of their work. It’s prettygood to follow such development pattern…..

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[] automate process ‘kill’ of multiple instances

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@ [11/August/2010]

aw(Kill) all instances:

it has been happening in Linux where sometimes I need to…….
…….automated it with help of AWK

so here is a command/script you can use to automate it in …click here to read full BlogPost