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[tekwalk] [Puppet] Exported Resources is a beautiful thing….. thing to use and improvise

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Lately, I’ve been real blunt towards Puppet because of the soup that leaked some specific scenario flaws in very busy times.
So, it’s my duty to applause if I like something which is a novel and beautiful concept.
For a well organized auto-magically managed set-up apart from a fine infrastructure and its configuration management mechanism, a very important part is for the monitoring and logging solution to spread across the infrastructure in a similar seamless and scalable fashion.
Puppet enables it very finely with the use of exporting and collecting resources.
Exported Resources are super virtual resources.
Once exported …..
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[tekwalk] Puppet ain’t sweet anymore & Marionette-Collective hopeful

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its a fine piece of utility working mostly fine, but my luck….. mostly end up getting blocked in my tasks by the flaws in library/utility/framework 😦

Puppet ain’t sweet.

Why? What happened? Puppet is Good.
Puppet has been there in the wild for a long time (at-least more than 5yrs) now as compared to the closest competitor to it ‘Chef’.
Saying it out-loud the feel I’m getting using them lately ~ as if it is acting like an old pop-artist trying to put out a lot at-once to maintain their superiority over upcoming rockstars.
I’ve used their older service before which wasn’t much glossy (at design level) but a lot more stable and composed at implementation…..

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