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[tekwalk] perform performance test using Multi-Mechanize

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What? multi-mechanize is an OpenSource load testing framework written and configurable in Python. So either make calls to any web service or simple import and utilize any python-accessible API/service.
It’s successor of an old Python load testing framework called Pylot.

Developed and maintained @GitHub

Install available through ‘pip’ too as
pip install multi-mechanize
It also requires matplotlib library if you wanna view Graphs in the generated HTML report (or otherwise), BUT it’s not mandatory as the framework would perform all tests fine with an import error for matplotlib.

This also follows a……

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[tekwalk] pycallgraph : usage example ~ call sequence graph for your Python actions

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@ [16/May/2013]

pycallgraph‘ is a fine python utility enabling developers to prepare call graph for any python code piece… it also notifies the number of times a call being made and total time spent in it


it require ‘graphviz’ ( to be present on the same machine for image generation from the analyzed calls data…

install : pip install pycallgraph

Usage#1 Selective graphing

wrap the code to be…..

…..full blogpost here

[] run PYTHON as a HTTP server

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@ [5/July/2010]

below are the blog post links on how to utilize installed PYTHON on your machine to run a Simple OR CGI-Supported HTTP Server on your machine…

that too without any scripting directly run PYTHON as a server


is Python installed, you already have Simple HTTP Server
if you need any simple plain web-server on your machine to
server files (html or else) …click here to read full BlogPost


want HTTP Server with CGI Support, just need PYTHON without any scripts
so to have CGI supported HTTP server, just by using PYTHON,
you need to follow below steps …click here to read full BlogPost