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[a.Bionic] auto-download all videos of any Event at

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@ [27/Nov/2012]

Auto-Download all smallest size Videos of any provided Event in

to install it either run
$ sudo curl -L -o /etc/profile.d/

or copy+paste the shell function below in your shell-load-conf file.

suppose the event resides at URL:

and you just need to run
$ ddl-confreaks rubyconf2012 ~/Downloads

and it will download all Talk Videos from Ruby Conference 2012 at your ~/Downloads directory…

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[tekwalk] Ruby/Rails utilizing Solr in Master/Slave setup

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@ [16-November-2011]

Apache Solr is a high-performance enterprise grade search server being interacted with a REST-like API, documents are provided to as xml, json or binary. It extendsLucene search library.

Ruby/Rails communicates with this awesome search server using Sunspot (sunspot, sunspot_rails gem) library, to do a full-text search. Nice tutorial to use Solr in your Rails project using Sunspot.

Solr can perform as a standalone search server and even as master/slave instances collaborating with each other, with slaves polling master to sync-in their data.

Solr instances can be configured like Slave and as a Master.
Configuration file ‘solrconfig.xml’ needs to be edited with a new RequestHandler for Replication configured: 

{for Slave} :: to either poll at their Master’s machine address at regular intervals

{for Master} :: or…..

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[tekwalk] Explicit SASS update

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@ [26-September-2011]

explicit update SASS in Rails Application Sass (Syntactically Awesome StyleSheets)?
But, if you are using any other web-server (like, thin)….. in that case you’ll have to get your CSS files to be explicitly updated using ‘sass –update’ action.

$ bundle exec sass –update –watch public/stylesheets/sass:public/stylesheets

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[takwalk] gherkin native install error AND memory leak in cucumber with HeapOutOfMemory

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@ [19/6/2011]

[dev-ruby] ‘gherkin’ need a native install AND I ported entire jruby dir

….. still a ‘gherkin’ error was there. Running ‘gem list’ showed that now I had two versions of gherkin installed…..


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@ [19/6/2011]

[dev-ruby] “JRubyOnRails Blames ActiveRecord” *ing: culprit Cucumber, inspector JConsole

…..After starting Rails Server and waiting for some non-specific time, an exception started arising mentioning ActiveRecord and an Heap OutOfMemory Exception …..

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