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[tux-install] yum-my ~ get your public yum-repo rolling on Google AppEngine

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Wanna get your public yum repository rolling,

Get started by cloning boilerplate code…

$ git clone

$ cd gae-flat-web
$ mkdir -p yummy/<distro><releasever>/<basearch>

$ cp <all_my_rpms_of__distro_releasever_basearch> yummy/<distro><releasever>/<basearch>

$ createrepo yummy/<distro><releasever>/<basearch>/

now, place a file ‘flat_web/yum-my-el6<or-whichever>.repo’ with content


and can link this file on your ‘flat_web/index.htm’ homepage to host: $ google_appengine/ update <yum-my_path>

have a look at my repo code @

For demo, here is the one I’m hosting

…source blogpost here

[just.few.tuts] how to host your public YUM (or any) repo on GoogleAppEngine

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came up with is:
it’s nothing fascinating but just a re-mixed usage of project created from gae-flat-web.
you can access base skeleton of this re-mixed gae-yum-my (the easy way to host your yum repo online) at which also has rpm served for gae-flat-web.
now to see how you could get one too~

First Task, register a new portal


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[tekwalk] Creating RPM of MCollective for Ruby1.9

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Clone the latest branch from GitHub repo for MCollective
$ git clone git://

Removing Ruby 1.8 version specification from RedHat Spec
$ sed -i ‘s/.*ruby.abi.*//g’ ext/redhat/mcollective.spec

from the changes 11/Jun/2011 : marionette-collective/commit/ba86f7762d
the lines removed by above command are
BuildRequires: ruby(abi) = 1.8
Requires: ruby(abi) = 1.8

Removing Rubygem…..

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[] ‘unrar’ on CentOS / Fedora / RedHat

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@ [3/August/2010]

{RPM} unRAR in CentOS, Fedora, RedHat

i found CentOS was a bit rude to UnRAR the rar files,
and even in ‘yum’ installing the unrar {at least for me}…
so here is rpm way for it… if you  …click here to read full BlogPost