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[hackersmag] Social Engineering ~ Eden Guide to Hacking

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@ [3-October-2011]


Most creative non-technical hacker practice known to mankind.

a.) It’s Art of Communication with People for ‘Information Leakage‘.

You have a ‘Victim’ identified by now and…..

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[technopast] Social Engineering : an old real case; courtesy: Art Of Deception

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Social Engineering : an old real case [courtesy: Art Of Deception]

Its a real incident of Social Engineering, in 1978 ‘Stanley Mark Rifkin’ was working under contract for ‘Security Pacific’. He was there to develop a backup system for wire-room system’s data. This role gave him authorities to access all transfer procedures. He knew bank officers were authorized to order wire transfer where they had a closely guarded ‘daily code’ to use while calling the wire-transfer room.

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[tekwalk] prying ‘ears’ at ‘get-some-fresh-air-spots’ near office

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[security] prying ‘ears’ at ‘get-some-fresh-air-spots’ near office

the first task…


I don’t pry around, just go to tea-stall outside my office with my friends… and still get to know some internal details of other organizations ‘cuz they are chattered by a person standing next to me

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