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[hackersmag] bypass user level restrictions, bug-case in ‘’

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@ [21/Dec/2010]


access-video@Vimeo: [view/download original nice resolution video here]

bypass of user level restrictions, a case of bug in ‘’

So, here is a bug (which  has now been fixed) in… that allowed users to get a local copy of documents which were devoid of download and print options.

It’s how layered limitation can be broken, and why restrictions must be implemented root-level-up and not just as user-level module.

…click here to read full blog-post and view real-case video

[] vulnerability report of, by ABK

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@ [26/Aug/2010] :: php flaw self-inviting DoS, leaked framework and server info [by, ABK]
[]Patched: Yes
[]Product Name:; a Payroll Helpdesk, serving…
[]Vuln Summary:
There were validation flaws for GET Request ……. any number of characters consuming processing ……. generated error message with full PATH of PHP file.
Also worked on older un-patched version of OpenSSL.   …click here to read full BlogPost
could also see pro-details at

IE 9 [they say its good… they say it again]

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I came I saw But my Install failed 😉